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Greetings K4/K5 SCA parents. Thank you for your patiences as it relates to the status of in-person learning for your child. Confirming now that the return date for in-person learning for both K4/K5 is Monday 1/25/21. We will continue this week with our Zoom class schedule as laid out by Mrs. Blair. If you have any immediate question or if you see your child is experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, let us know by emailing  Mrs. Pfeffer.



Mrs. Pfeffer

1/14/21-Update From 1/13/21


Greetings SCA parents!


The faculty member who is suspect with COVID-19 is getting a more in-depth test. We should know those results by the Weekend and will let you no as soon as possible.  If that test is negative, we will rest in those findings and in-person learning can return for K4-K5 on 1/19/21.


If the results are positive, we are asking to continue to self-quarantine your child up to 1/22/21 and recommended by the Seekonk Department of Health 

to have your child tested for COVID during the self-quarantined period.


In your school app and on our website all the Department of Health information is available per State of residence to help guide you through setting up an appointment to get your child tested. 


Currently a return date for K4/K5 students to return to SCA is 1/25/21.


If you have any question, please reach out to Mrs. Pfeffer  Via email or phone. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding! 


Mrs. Pfeffer

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